LDB March 2016

Dr. Lori Brown makes her home in Asheville, North Carolina, close the rural community in which she grew up on the edge of her grandparents’ dairy farm. As the daughter of two public school educators, Lori always says that she was predestined to end up in something educational! She is a veteran NC and SC educator (teacher and administrator) who now works in the private sector as an educational writer and developer of professional development for schools. With doctoral expertise in leadership, curriculum, and instruction, she particularly enjoys writing about leadership issues, change/resistance to change, and effective training practices.

She has also published articles related to prior doctoral research on student violent writing. This interest means that she spends her “free time” reading about things like threat assessment, school violence, mass shootings, and violence prevention. She particularly enjoys writing about student social-emotional development and mental health support for individuals in crisis.

Because faith is an important part of Lori’s life, she writes devotionals and designs customized Bible studies for church and community involvement. You can learn more about her faith-based speaking and teaching ministry by clicking this link:  Devoted Diva Ministry

When she’s not writing, editing, or researching, Lori enjoys travel with her twin sister, hiking in the North Carolina mountains, playing in the dirt with new flower bulbs, and catching up with friends and family. A funny comedy or a great mystery novel suffice on rainy days.


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